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Scripps Offers Systemwide and Site-based Float Pools, RN Seasonal Positions

Scripps System Resource Services (SSRS)

Staffing to maintain our commitment to patient-centered care is paramount at Scripps. The Scripps System Resource Services (SSRS) manages clinical and non-clinical staff who step in where additional care or resources are needed, to support both the unit and patient needs. SSRS employees are highly trained professionals who float throughout the system on a full-time, part-time, or casual basis to provide staffing coverage where additional support is needed.

SSRS is a great place to work for those individuals who enjoy a variety of health care environments, continued learning and growth opportunities, flexibility incentives and unique scheduling options.

The SSRS department staffs the following professionals:

  • Registered Nurse – all acute care specialties
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Cardiovascular Lab
  • Imaging
  • Respiratory
  • SPD Technician
  • Surgical Technician
  • Transport/Lift Team
  • Administrative
  • Patient Services Representative
  • Environmental Service Technicians
  • Food and Nutrition Services

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SSRS Teams

SSRS staff specialize in day-to-day, travel and seasonal placement assignments throughout the Scripps Health system.
The three employment options are as follows:

Systemwide Float Pool Team – Scripps employees who support the day-to-day and short-term assignments.

  • Incentives:
  • 1.Premium pay
  • 2.Full benefits
  • 3.Flexible scheduling

Systemwide Resource Team – Scripps employees who support long-term assignments, typically 12 weeks in duration.

  • Incentives:
  • 1.Premium pay
  • 2.Full benefits
  • 3.Long-term assignments

SSRS Seasonal Program offers positions of limited tenure during our peak season – We offer a minimum assignment commitment of 13 weeks with the option to extend staffing needs, up to 26 weeks.

Positions available in ICU, ED, OR, L/D, PCU, MS Telemetry.

Incentives: Special premium pay, in lieu of benefits

Scripps Site-Based Float Pool

If you enjoy experiencing different departments, but would like to work in a specific region, some Scripps facilities offer site-based float pools where you have the opportunity to float around the different departments within the one or two specific sites.